When is silence louder than words essay

I believe in silence. In its power and its persuasion.

When is silence louder than words essay

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words Silence Speaks Louder Than Words 1 January Business As companies to a greater extend are held account for the social consequences of their business activities, the pressure to be socially responsible has created a tension between business and society and caused companies to think of CSR in generic ways.

To gain an understanding of how companies can avoid this consumer scepticism and communicate a credible CSR message, this thesis explores the field of CSR and identifies the benefits as well as shortcomings of the various communication tools. Furthermore, it seeks to examine how Noir, a company highly recognised for its sustainable business model, has chosen to communicate about its CSR engagement.

However, studies have found the use of CSR engagement for marketing communication purposes distasteful to some consumers Drumwright, Some academics even argue that this approach to CSR is unfortunate as it creates a tension between business and society.

Acknowledging this interdependency, companies have to a greater extend come to recognise CSR as central to core business activities rather than peripheral considerations associated with philanthropy. However, if a company has managed to fully integrate CSR into the core of its business principles, the question of how to avoid consumer scepticism and communicate a credible CSR message still remains.

Therefore, Noir appears to be a perfect example of a company that has succeeded in integrating CSR into its core framework and managed to overcome consumer scepticism by applying a different communication strategy.

In this thesis, we therefore find it particularly interesting to investigate how Noir communicates its CSR engagement, why the company chooses to do so, and if this communication strategy is effective.

Hence, we apply the scientific method of methodological hermeneutics. However, in our discussion, we acknowledge the fact that texts hold a potentiality of meanings and that individuals construct interpretations differently across cultures and countries.

The Theoretical Part In the first part of the thesis, we present and discuss the three dominant approaches to CSR from a theoretical perspective in order to gain a better understanding of the concept.

To gain a deeper understanding of the relation between CSR and branding and discuss how a company can benefit from integrating CSR in its branding strategies, we have included the work of Fan since it explores the concept of ethical branding and its link to corporate reputation.

As mentioned previously, we acknowledge that CSR and communication about it is different and can be perceived differently across cultures.

The Analytical Part As mentioned previously, we will use Noir as a case study.

When is silence louder than words essay

More specifically, their framework is based on the Swalesian genre model, which operates with the otion of communicative purpose, move structures, and rhetorical strategies. According to this model, a text contains different visual and textual rhetorical strategies in order to realise different moves.

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Subsequent analysis of these moves will lead to an understanding of the overall communicative purpose of the text. In addition, this Register Analysis recognises that linguistic structures simultaneously function to represent experiences of the world, construct social relationships among the participants in the discourse, and create text that coheres with its context.

More specifically, Pollach analyses the linguistic structures and functions different companies have applied in order to enhance message credibility and improve their selfpresentation on the WWW. In their framework, they operate with the Ideational, the Interpersonal, and the Textual Metafunction.


Whereas the Ideational Metafunction deals with the different choices or different ways in which objects and their relation to other objects can be represented in an image, the Interpersonal Metafunction serves to project the relations between the producer and the receiver in order to present a particular social relation between the two.

Finally, the Textual Metafunction, also referred to as composition, attempts to identify how representational and interactive element are integrated into a meaningful whole and how these elements are endowed with specific information value. Discussion In the third and final part of the thesis, we will discuss the findings of our analysis and relate the findings to the theory described previously, as this will give us an indication of why Noir has chosen its particular communication strategy.

Branding theory and different branding techniques, for example, will not be discussed thoroughly in this thesis as we have chosen to focus on CSR and its relation to communication. However, the concept of branding will be used when discussing why companies engage in CSR and when determining how Noir wishes to be perceived as a brand.

Furthermore, while acknowledging the fact that CSR and communication about it is different and can be perceived differently across cultures, we find an in-depth discussion of culture and CSR too comprehensive for this thesis.

We therefore choose to only briefly reflect upon some perspectives related to culture when comparing U.

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As we have chosen to focus on how Noir communicates its CSR messages on its corporate website, we will avoid elaborating further on the effectiveness of other communication vehicles Noir uses. Over the last 50 years, intensive debates haven taken place among academics, consultants, and corporate executives.

They have created, supported or criticised related concepts such as sustainability, corporate citizenship, Triple Bottom Line, business ethics, and CSR Marrewijk, A rich literature on CSR has emerged, however, the practical guidance it offers to managers is often unclear.

To understand how this confusion has arisen and where corporations should go from now, it is essential to examine the primary schools of CSR, since this will provide an overview of the different approaches and arguments in the debate.

Overall, academics have referred to three different approaches to CSR, each including and transcending one other, in the attempt of defining to whom an organisation is responsible Marrewijk, He argues that in order to create a successfully functioning society, institutions have to specialise.

Since the corporation is an economic institution, it should therefore specialise in the economic — and not the social sphere.I believe in silence. In its power and its persuasion. I believe that the act of saying nothing often—no, usually—speaks louder than words ever could.

“Sometimes, the things people don't say are louder than the words that come out of their mouths.” ― Robin Benway, Emmy & Oliver tags: love-quotes, silence-speaks, words.  Imellisse Gonzalez Personal Essay Broken Destiny [email protected] () Broken Destiny “Actions speak louder than words, but words are louder than silence.” This quote defines and guides my thoughts, morals, feelings, and essentially my life.

Actions Speak Louder than Words, but Words Speak Louder than Silence  Imellisse Gonzalez Personal Essay Broken Destiny [email protected] () Broken Destiny “ Actions speak louder than words, but words are louder than silence.

6 Reasons Silence Speaks Louder Than Words Posted on July 4, by Jenny Dempsey It’s kind of Zen-like to say this, but one of the most important parts of any conversation is the silence. Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes Quotes tagged as "actions-speak-louder-than-words" (showing of 69) “If we don't fight for what we 'stand for' with our passionate words and honest actions, do we really 'stand' for anything?”.

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