The role of women in exodus

OU Staff February 13, In the Exodus The Midrash teaches that Jewish women played a major role in the Exodus, by keeping alive the spirits of their husbands, preventing them from becoming depressed under the burden of slavery, and giving up in despair. They accomplished this by paying special attention to their appearance, and charming and enticing their husbands, thus keeping their marriages and the Jewish Family alive, under extremely difficult circumstances.

The role of women in exodus

Used with permission of the artist. However, there were several occasions where he would have perished or been killed if it had not been for the courage, wisdom, and enterprise of several women.

Here is a brief look at these brave Bible women who God used to achieve his purposes. Shiphrah and Puah—Exodus 1: These midwives jeopardised their own safety to protect and save the life of Moses and the other baby boys.

The role of women in exodus

When she could no longer hide him at home, Jochebed made a waterproof basket and placed her baby in it. Even though she realised that he was a Hebrew, she rescued him, offered protection, and later adopted him.

She was successful, however; and Moses was raised in the Egyptian royal palace where he received an excellent education as a student prince.

Miriam later became a prophetess and she was recognised as a leader alongside her brothers Moses and Aaron Exod.

Brave Bible women include: We need to be cautious that we do not underestimate the abilities or curtail the activities of the brave and courageous women who God wishes to use today.exodus and the women around moses Moses is the foremost of all prophets of Israel, and the outstanding personality of the Bible.

God calls upon him to take on "the role of God" (Ex. ; ). We all know about the role of women as important leaders in the Torah. We commonly refer to Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah as the Matriarchs.

But in the Passover story, there are FIVE very important women who made incredible contributions to the journey of the Israelites, freeing the Israelites from Slavery. Many women, before and after Moses’ birth, came to his rescue and saved his life.

The role of women never seemed like a big one until I read deeper into Exodus. The main role of women throughout Exodus was clearly their ability to save lives, mainly Moses, but many other Hebrew boys. The Role of Women in Exodus Words Apr 23rd, 7 Pages He freed the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, he was able to talk to God face to face, he was the mediator who saved the Children of Israel from God’s anger, and was viewed as one of the greatest leaders in history.

Shiphrah and Puah—Exodus Complementarians are Christians who have narrow ideas about the roles of women. Complementarians believe that it is the man’s role to protect women, and not vice versa, yet there are very few Biblical examples of men protecting women.

One clear Bible account of a man rescuing and protecting women also. So strong was the women’s faith, they prepared tambourines which they planned to play in celebration of the eventual exodus.

9 Great was the women’s faith and loyalty to G-d even when reality suggested abandoning hope.

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