Senior thesis stratification

Erik Love Course Description: Transportation systems--airports, bridges, highways, railroads, and more--have developed in the United States in ways that reflect social, cultural, and political histories.

Senior thesis stratification

Predictors of Failure of Nonoperative Management of Spinal Epidural Abscesses Background Spinal epidural abscess has been traditionally treated with urgent surgical decompression followed by long-term intravenous antibiotics.

Senior thesis stratification

Cases of successful medical management of select patients have been recently reported. Methods This is a case-control retrospective study analyzing the management of spinal epidural abscesses admitted to Partners Healthcare from to In particular, we investigate the role of medical management in spinal epidural abscesses and their outcomes.

Results patients males to females with average age of 60 years range, 18 to 94 with spinal epidural abscess were admitted that met our inclusion criteria.

Senior thesis stratification

Overall mortality was 8. Diabetes, alcohol abuse and intravenous were the most significant risk factors. The offending pathogen was staphylococcus species Comparing outcomes of medical management, 73 patients were successfully treated with antibiotics.

Twelve deaths resulted from nonoperative management, and 42 patients failed initial medical management and underwent surgical decompression.

[1] Purpose

Univariate analysis identified age, neurologic status, diabetes, epidural abscess above the level of the conus medullaris and circumferential epidural abscesses as significant risk factors for failure. Multivariate analysis identified neurologic impairment of incomplete or complete spinal cord injury as the most significant risk factor, along with age greater than 65 years, diabetes, and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus MRSA as independent risk factors for failure of medical management.

Conclusion Spinal epidural abscesses have high risk for failure with medical management alone. Risk stratification for failure of medical treatment based on independent risk factors is presented.SOCI Social Stratification (5) SOCI Sociology of Deviance (5) Capstone or Thesis-5 credits CRIM Senior Capstone (5) SOCI Senior Capstone (5) SOCI Senior Thesis (5) Elective Courses-5 credits in Criminal Justice (see CJ Major section) Eastern Washington University.

Thesis: Stratification is a functional necessity in all social systems. “[T]he main functional necessity explaining the universal presence of stratifi-cation is precisely the requirement faced by any society of placing and motivating individuals in the social structure.”.

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I’m a history major and I can not come up with a good senior thesis topic. I’m trying to come up with an original topic and I’m not afraid of doing a lot of research. Fulfilling the senior comprehensive requirement in Sociology or Sociology/Anthropology involves writing a page senior thesis of satisfactory (C- or higher) quality.

A thesis of unsatisfactory quality will need to be redone in order to graduate and will lower your overall course grade.

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In this thesis, I will review the educational philosophies of five great thinkers: Plato, Sir Thomas More, John Milton, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and B.F. Skinner. In addition, we address theoretical and methodological issues in the areas of the life course (education, training, labor markets, aging, as well as family demography), social inequality (class structures, stratification, and social mobility), and related topics.

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