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Dre quickly launched Aftermath Entertainment, through Interscope Records which at the time was Death Row's distributing label. A compilation album, Dr. Dre Presents…The Aftermath was released toward years end, featuring artists who were amongst the labels first signees most of the acts featured, however, quickly became disassociated with the company. Before years end, however, she abruptly left the label; claiming that Dre had been too slow to get the ball rolling on her project.

Project a kon

These were mostly formed by quarter people, and every group was singing its songs without a true coordination. Ultras Granata decide to join together: On the stickers there was written: The leader was Geppowho took side when there was the need to take side.

Since until C.

Project a kon

By the way, there was good people and we were respected. All crashed down in the summer, when Manfredonia comes. The Curva Sud, before he Project a kon bought, is compact to ask to the president Viola of not buy him, because he said several bad words against AS Roma fans and because he was condamned for having sold the matches of the SS Lazio team in which he always played.

By the way, before of the acquisition, the Curva was compac on refusing him. But sadly Viola decides to buy him the same and the Curva Sud crash. Obviously from that moment on and, in my opinion, this is the moment of the factory-football beginning: In the end, stop to protest when the "dull" excuse himself.

Even if the Project a kon return to be unit again, the most part of the old ultras give up and take back disgusted. The most radical boys of the C.

HOURS: 10-7 Mon.-Sat.

The two leaflets, one from the new group imposing itself in the low part of the curve, formed by the fusion of groups staying in the low part of the curve, and the one from CUCS explain the friction and the reasons of the disagreement.

During the first three seasons, the leading AS Roma Ultras managed to give back to the curve its lost indentity, creating new chants, then copied by different fans in Italy and Europe, and supporting the team coreographically, even without the drums which were the main feature of Curva Sud until The ASRU history seemed to finish gloriously, with the self-breaking up proclaimed on March 1st,when the leaders realized that the new dynamics of the ultras groups present in the curve did not allow to achieve the prefixed targets anymore.

Nevertheless, as no other group exposed itself in order to take lead of the curve, the group recomposed itself and strenghtened its position during the summer of the same year, but the disagreements in the curve and some personal grudges due to different conceptions of supporting the team and of being ultras, did not allow to have a totally united curve and the same AS Roma Ultras had some internal divisions.

The reasons behind this are many: During this same season some facts provoke a readjustment: Tradizione Distinzione breaks up and also "Curva Sud " project seems to end; this group was trying to gather groups going in away matches under one banner only. This caused additional particularisms.

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The death of the policeman Filippo Raciti during the disorders of Catania vs Palermo and the subsequent repressive wave, caused another crisis which, nevertheless, did not weaken the Rome ultras movement, as demonstrated during the unlucky away match against Manchester Utd.

Ultras mobs also in the lower part of Curva Nord, without banners, and in the higher part too. El capo en aquellos tiempos era Geppo, respetado completamente por toda la curva.

Los problemas llegan a la curva en el verano decon el fichaje de Manfredonia. A partir de este momento todo cambia:An ongoing comic about the adventures of two deranged housecats.

Updates M-W-F. I always imagined Pixel being anime-ish (though I realize she maybe looks like a 10 year old a little bit the way I wound up drawing her on this page) Still, it was a while before I .

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The group has released five full-length albums, one compilation album, and four EPs. On September 1, , the band announced that after their live show on. Hironobu Kageyama Interview by David Cirone November 1, As a solo artist and as founder of JAM Project, you’ve been traveling the world and performing outside of Japan since the s.

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