Pilots forgetting how to fly

Issues with Other Engines While this page is aimed at those using the small Continentals, Harry occasionally fields questions about other engines.

Pilots forgetting how to fly

I clearly recall all of the fun and excitement of earning my private pilot certificate. There was hard work with hours of study and flight lessons, but one of the most exciting times of my life was my first solo flight.

After a series of takeoffs and landings in the airport traffic pattern, I taxied in to my tiedown spot with the widest grin imaginable. I returned to the flight school and my instructor cut the back of my shirt off and applied artwork and words of wisdom to the shirt-tail.

This has become a custom since the beginning of manned flight. A few months later, I completed the curriculum and passed my private pilot checkride. You are likely contemplating a similar challenge. You will have many of the same questions that I had prior to starting my lessons.

Our staff at Pinnacle Aviation Academy or I will be pleased to answer all of your questions. The following information may also be helpful.


Normal people just like you and I learn to fly everyday. Learning to fly does take some study but it is very worthwhile when you join that very small, but distinguished group known as aviators.

How Do You Get Started?

Pilots forgetting how to fly

How do you get started? The first step is to come out to the airport and interview yes interview flight schools. You will want to find a school with friendly, knowledgeable people and quality aircraft.

Airline Pilots "Forgetting how to fly"? | Pilots of America

We hope you will choose Pinnacle Aviation Academy! The private pilot curriculum is made up of two types of learning, study of all aspects of aviation and learning to fly an aircraft.

Pilots learn faster by simultaneously studying the materials and flying aircraft. Many people choose to train in a Cessna or a The Cessna is a two-seat trainer and is designed for people training for their private pilot certificates. Some people choose to fly the larger Cessna Normally you will want to fly 2 to 3 times per week.

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Apr 17,  · If pilots can't fly, they know it, and if they haven't the moral wherewithal to take responsibility to rectify their faltering skills, then they are the .

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