Petrucio commands essay

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Petrucio commands essay

Who Is the Misogynist Monster: Petruchio, Shakespeare, or You? Every year we seem to see one Shakespeare play in bunches, and this year it was the time of The Taming of the Shrew. Shakespeare unabashedly wrote a play about a macho Petruchio successfully "taming" a shrewish Kate.

Petrucio commands essay

Petrucio commands essay fact, Petruchio is the only man in this play who gets women and, consequently, got the woman, heart and all. Sensitives might as well stop reading now and tag me as a Neanderthal lout. Even if both counts are true, they miss the point. Its poetry is simple and formulaic and the characters all stock figures—except, perhaps, Kate and Petruchio.

This seems the work of a clever someone launching his career on the firm footing of a tried formula. The battle of the sexes, as this play so often gets tagged, is carried out specifically in two more comedies: Put them together, and you have an arc: Meanwhile, I can already hear the chatter from people who would declare that this arc merely indicates that Shakespeare grew wiser as he grew older.

So, back to Shrew and a closer look at the lines and circumstances within that play.

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I find it ironic that modern audiences call Petruchio the monster and Kate the victim. Have you listened to this woman? Even when she meets someone for the first time, her first comment is a put-down. She might be fun to watch on Bravo, but would you want to marry her?

This is a woman engaging in antisocial behavior by any definition and no matter the motivation. Meet her and tell me you would marry her, you would hire her or work for her, or you would want her as your friend.

Petruchio, of course, wants to marry her, but primarily for her dad's wealth. Petruchio is simply bolder and more impetuous than the other men in achieving his intentions.

The play would prove this not so. He tells us beforehand he will woo her by layering on the compliments, and he starts out doing that but soon finds himself in a wit-battle with Kate.

Unlike the other men, he engages her wit and even appreciates it. Kate is obviously the most intelligent individual in this play, and only Petruchio respects that fact. Does he fall in love with her at first sight or, at least, in that first meeting?

It was get the bride, control her money, lock her away except when you need to show her off, and hang out at the club and brothels.

But, no, Petruchio desires a home life to share with Kate. But pointedly, these lines have no gender, nor does "awful rule and right supremecy" specifically mean him. But that speech expressly illustrates he does not see her as property. Really, her wealth as offered by Baptista does not amount to all that, so in a riddling way he seems to be professing that he sees more in her than property value by that point.

He realizes from the beginning that intelligent and spirited though she may be, she has no respect for him or anyone else. Is she a tomboy hellcat as Folger portrayed her this year? Whatever backstory you want to give her, the bottom line in the text is she is selfish and has an utter disregard for others.

It is Kate herself who reveals this trait: After dismissing the tailor, Petruchio gives a wonderful speech about personhood: He is talking about himself as much as her.At the time to have a spouse who wouldn't follow her husband's orders and commands was a disgrace, and an embarrassment, that's the reason Petrucio went so far to tame Kate and prove everyone wrong.

A girl needed to care for listen to and respect her husband. Everything you ever wanted to know about Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew, written by masters of this stuff just for you.

Synopsis of The Taming of the Shrew L ucentio, a young man from Mantua, arrives in Padua to study at the city’s great university. Petruchio, looking for a wealthy bride is steered by Bianca’s suitors to Baptista’s house. the merchant that. Synopsis for Student Audiences: The Taming of the Shrew.

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Synopsis for Student Audiences: The Taming of the Shrew But when Petruchio commands Kate to come, she complies immediately, and she ends the play by gives a final speech about the duty of women to their husbands and the blessings of a happy marriage. The Taming of the Shrew is a comedy written by William Shakespeare, written in the year ("Shakespeare, William").

However, Katherina is courted, married, and tamed by Petruchio ("Lambs' Tales From Shakespeare - The Taming Of The Shrew"). The Taming of the Shrew Literary Analysis Essay The Taming of the Shrew is another one of the plays in which Shakespeare shows his brilliant writing, and reveals the typical social standards of 16 th century life during the Elizabethan era.

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