Pest analysis of food industry in china

It has proved a strong power, which is boosting its business across the world and its products are considered the affordable products. There is huge number of legal improvements, which made the business easy and quick. The foreign investors like to come to this country to invest their amounts in its industrial sector as the size of the market is enhancing and it has low cost of labor. The growth potential in China is tremendous and it is becoming the most attract part of the world.

Pest analysis of food industry in china

Pest analysis of food industry in china

Many people have called themselves the Taobaoer by spending much of their monthly expenditure on Taobao, the largest B2C e-commerce website. According to Boston Consulting Group, the volume is expected to increase fourfold by And E-commerce has already been changing the way Chinese consumers think about shopping: But like many other physical shopping, cheating and fake products are common in the online shops though the most populous shops tend to sell quality and price competitive products to the customers or will state clearly the possible quality problems of the products in the introduction of the products in the pages.

Technological analysis Technological factors include areas such as new products being developed, new purchasing mechanisms intranet, extra-netnew production technology, new distribution mechanisms Internet and new methods of working e. What is more, based on the perspective of Ortolani there had been only 1 percent credit card penetration in China suggesting that the most widely used payment method had low acceptance in China and the payment system to support online credit card transaction is also facing low usage.

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And the lack of safe online credit card payment system is one of the key reasons behind this low usage and penetration. Environmental analysis Environmental factors refer to all the factors directly related, influenced or determined by the surrounding environment.

This includes, but is not limited to weather, climate, geographical position, climate change and even insurance Heldman Despite the fact that the environmental protection work is still low in China because the majority of focus and priority had been attributed to the alleviation of poverty and economic development which result in the low public participation in the environmental protection work, in the recent years, with the substantial economic advancement and raised living standard, income level and also the degradation of environment in the country, the Chinese government has started educate the public about the environmental protection.

And with a joint effort from the non-governmental organizations NGOs and media such as newspapers, radio and tv, we are witnessing an increasing environmental awareness in the public resulting in changes in the consumer behaviors to put environment protection in a higher importance level Heggelundp.

Here based on the analysis we have above, we are able to draw some conclusions. Firstly, very stable political conditions and rapid economic growth has made the e-commerce industry in China attractive to investors and the increasing awareness of environment protection also promote the way of e-commerce as it creates less pollution and damage to the environment; secondly, there are also risks such as lack of trust, stable and secured online payment systems and lack of legal protection that create challenges and uncertainties to the players in the industry.PESTLE Analysis of China PESTLE Analysis of China The Chinese economy is dominated by the service sector, which contributed approximately 50%to the total GDP - Market research report and industry analysis - In our PEST analysis example for the food industry we’re examining how the industry is affected by political, economical, social and technological factors.

Japan, formally known as Nippon-koku which literally transaltes to State of Japan, is an island nation in East rutadeltambor.comd in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in .

Pest analysis of food industry in china

PEST Analysis on Chinese Restaurant-Quanjude Political Food safety Economic Social Illegal Duck Bone Trade Established in ( years) Beijing Roast duck.

PESTLE Analysis of China The Chinese economy is dominated by the service sector, which contributed approximately 50%to the total GDP in Wholesale and retail contributed % in , followed by finance andinsurance which combined contributed % to the service sector.

Fast Food Industry PESTEL Analysis The popularity of fast food does not cease to increase. Despite the rising health consciousness in society, the industry has shown healthy growth.

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