My first visit to the art gallery

Have you ever had a magical moment with art? Emma Holter September 9, 5 min read Whether it happens on a school field trip or wandering by chance into a local art museum, everyone has a story about their first memorable encounter with art.

My first visit to the art gallery

This seems totally lame. Anyway, I've spoken with many people - including art people - who've told me off the record that they're often afraid to even walk into a gallery.

How to Visit an Art Gallery. This seems a bit shallow, but I do think the way you present yourself is important no matter where you go, whether you're on your lunch break or visiting a gallery on your day off. Art is visual and art people are very visual. First impressions are indeed important, although not as important as character.

Having said that, dress comfortably for your visit, but you also don't want to look like a dirty slob. And for God's sake, don't wear droopy pants that sink beneath your ass. What's that all about anyway? Approach the gallery that you think you might like to visit.

Does it seem like a welcoming place? Do you like the outward appearance of the gallery?

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Do you see something enticing inside? Art galleries are about displaying profound art, but make no mistake my friend, art galleries are retail establishments and you should have no qualms about walking inside one almost the way you'd walk inside Macy's.

I don't care if you cannot afford the art or not. When you walk into a gallery, you are a potential customer. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like just not a dirty slob. This one is so important. Art galleries and museums can be physically intimidating places, but that's part of their appeal.

They're sleek and cool. Put the law of attraction into practice here.

My first visit to the art gallery

If you feel afraid, grab your fear by the throat and bring it into the gallery with you. If you're visiting a decent gallery, once you walk inside, there will be someone nearby who will say something as simple as "Hello!

Welcome" or "Hi, I'm Janet. I'm here if you have any questions! Having said that, on most of my gallery visits, there's been either no one to greet me at all or staffers are sitting behind their desks attending to their business.

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People do have to work. This is the best part. Just look and stroll. Stop, look and listen to the art that you're seeing.

This is like communion. Enjoy the silence of the place. Bask in the moments that you're having with the art that you're seeing. Do you like what you see? Do you hate what you see? Why do you hate it? Why do you like it? Does that painting remind you of the summers you spend at the beach with your friends and family?

You're seeking a connection here with the art. If you don't have a connection, keep strolling. Having a connection with the art that you see transcends like or dislike of it. You want to learn something more about yourself by experiencing the art.

Some galleries have seating. By all means, sit if you choose.Aug 24,  · National Gallery of Art: My first visit - See 8, traveler reviews, 4, candid photos, and great deals for Washington DC, DC, at TripAdvisorK TripAdvisor reviews.

In addition, look up the venue on Art UK to find out more about the gallery and its art collection before your visit. There are now about 3, collections of oil, acrylic and tempera paintings, mostly from public collections, included on Art UK’s website; drawings, watercolours, prints .

Visit our customer support 1st Art Gallery just completed our 7th painting and as usual it was an excellent copy of an old mast Jerry.

My first visit to the art gallery

Tuesday, July 17, The portrait of my wife based on a photograph. The painting they did for me was a portrait of my wife based on . However, great art galleries are all over the world. Pick and choose. Better yet, visit them all if you can.

That's my goal. 3. SEE FAMOUS ART NOW: By checking out contemporary art galleries now, you can get acquainted with artists and their work before they become famous or even while they're growing in popularity and price. By gallery hopping, you can call yourself a trendspotter or even a trendsetter.

A fun introduction to art and art galleries, this session explores the Gallery through the eyes of our youngest visitorsSession Learning Objectives:Discover My First Gallery Visit Home. While most studio visits lack the high drama of a summons to Hirst’s operation, the ritual is familiar to those in the art world.

The reasons for a visit are many and varied: a curator is.

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