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Moving Averages - Simple and Exponential Introduction Moving averages smooth the price data to form a trend following indicator.

Moving out

Moving Averages - Simple and Exponential [ChartSchool]

Friday, 6 April How to Move a Capital Ship This may seem like a fairly bland topic and unlike most things on this blog, isn't directly PVP relatedbut from my own experience I know it's Moving out that many newer players don't really understand.

Before I tell you how to do it right however, let me tell you a story about doing it wrong. Our corp had some pretensions to PVP and lowsec, but realistically none of us really knew much outside of hisec missioning to the point where your faithful narrator, having been on the receiving end of a few uneventful hisec wars and with a whole 2 killmails under my belt, was the corp's leading expert on the subject.

I remember one of the other corps in our alliance recruited someone who owned a carrier, and they wanted to move it closer to our base of operations. Having never dealt with capitals before, we just found a quiet lowsec system and lit our cyno at a safespot to bring the carrier in, before having it warp to station Moving out dock up.

By blind luck nobody did so, and it wasn't until some time later that I realised just how bad an idea that had been. So how should we have done it? Note that this article deals simply with moving capital ships in a non-combat sense.

This is not a guide to hotdropping or using a capital ship in combat. If you're already familiar with how capital ships and cynos work, you can skip over this section. Jump-capable capital ships carriers, dreads, rorquals, and supercapitals cannot travel using stargates like a regular ship.

Instead, they travel between systems by jumping to a Moving out kind of beacon called a cynosural field generally referred to as a 'cyno'. Jump freighters and blackops battleships are able to travel via both methods.

You can learn more about jump drives here. Only cloaky ships that is, ships capable of fitting covert ops cloaks plus the blackops BS itself can bridge via a blackops battleship. The pilot lighting the cyno must be in a fleet, and only other ships in that fleet can jump to the cyno.

Cyno generators require liquid ozone as fuel, and consume a set amount per cycle regardless of the number of ships which jump to the cyno. The amount of fuel consumed is based on the player's cynosural field theory skill level from units at level 1, to units at level 5.

Force recon ships have a bonus which significantly reduces the fuel consumption of cynosural fields. Cyno fields can only be lit in 0.

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There is also a sov upgrade which can be used to 'jam' a system, preventing any cynos to be lit in that system unless the cyno jammer has been disabled. Some cloaky ships are able to fit a covert cynosural field generator.

This functions in the same way, but has a much shorter cycle time and does not become a warpable object on the overview. Covert cynos can also be deployed in cyno jammed systems.

Moving out

However, only blackops battleships can jump or bridge to a covert cyno. You can quite easily cyno a capital straight into docking range, allowing them to dock up as soon as their session change timer is complete and putting the capital ship at almost no risk whatsoever.

If you're bringing in a carrier, it also allows that carrier the option of remaining on grid and providing remote repair to the cyno ship should it come under attack, without putting itself in any real danger.

In other words, there is very little reason not to cyno directly onto a station if you have the option. It goes without saying, but if you do this in nullsec you should make sure this is a station you can actually dock at!

If there's no station in system, you can also light a cyno on grid with a friendly POS but outside the shield. This allows you the protection of your POS guns should anyone come to investigate and generally decreases the likelihood of a passing hostile nuking your cyno ship toohowever your capital s will remain vulnerable until they are able to get inside the shield.

A safer alternative to slowboating into the shield is to light the cyno beside one friendly POS, and then have the capital ship warp directly to a second POS as soon as it comes in.

When doing this in nullsec, always ensure you have friendly eyes on grid with the second POS or whatever location you plan to warp to and can confirm that there are no bubbles at that location before you have the capital ship warp over to it - if you don't, this can potentially end in tears!

Lighting a cyno at a safespot is generally a bad idea; since the cyno will immediately become warpable, the only purpose this really serves is to give the location of your safespot and your vulnerable capital ship to anyone else who happens to enter local.

There are circumstances where you might choose to cyno to a safespot usually involving bridging a fleet into a hostile system before warping to a targethowever moving a single capital ship is not one of them.

When jumping to a cyno on grid with a POS, ships will appear 5km from the cyno or 15km from the edge of the POS shield, whichever is greater. The disposable cyno is very simple, and is usually the preferred option - it can be done with only two characters and requries very little investment.

Either way, disposable cynos are going to die fairly regularly - exactly how often depends on the activity levels in the system that you're cynoing into, and sometimes simply the mood of the locals.

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Moving out

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