Mkt 421 week 1 paper

MKT Week 1 Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships Purpose of Assignment Understanding marketing as a multi-step process relying on building successful customer relationships is essential to helping organizations grow and achieve their goals. This assignment defines marketing, the customer value proposition, and creating mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and target, as well as applies these concepts to the student to create a personal brand. Crafting Your Image Scenario: You have decided either to seek a promotion at your current work, explore new career opportunities, or open your own business and are using your marketing knowledge to position yourself for career growth.

Mkt 421 week 1 paper

Personal Branding — Introduction My career spans nearly two decades in sales and marketing, with experience in many different industries. I started as a sales represented for an online auto parts store conducting sales over the phone.

After 3 years in this position, I moved into an outside sales position with a farm equipment company. This position taught me how to connect with clients in a face to face setting and meet the demands of professional businesspeople.

Most importantly, I learned how to negotiate deals that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Creating value for clients is the ultimate goal of a salesman and a middleman who Mkt 421 week 1 paper work with both sides equally can only do this.

My experience closing deals with thousands of satisfied clients over the years have given me the confidence to facilitate critical business transactions. Companies I Would Like to Work For Technology has created a wealth of exciting new companies that could be potential suitors for my talents.

At the top of this list is Virgin Galactic, which is the company that is pioneering commercial space flights headed by Sir Richard Branson.

The company is still young, but its future appears to be very promising. I feel I would be able to provide sales and negotiation techniques that would help the company sell their extremely expensive space flight tickets. My skills could be used to generate interest with both businesses and wealthy individuals.

A second company of interest is Stratasys, which is the leading 3D printing company in the world. My skills could be used to show businesses how this technology can greatly reduce costs and eliminate the need to outsource manufacturing to China. A third company I would like to work for is Whole Foods Market.

I believe their highly ethical business model could provide a great deal of job satisfaction. Healthy food choices will be necessary for the United States to beat its current health epidemic of obesity.

Mkt 421 week 1 paper

My skills could prove an integral part of educating the general public about better food choices, while expanding the brand image of Whole Foods. I have not worked in a direct to consumer sales environment, but I believe this would be a rewarding challenge.

Strategies for Contacting these Companies Getting your foot in the door is often the largest hurdle to overcome in the employment process. Today, social media has become an increasingly important part of getting hired.

I would start by building a LinkedIn profile and engage these companies in different networking groups. This strategy would build professional connections in the industry that could reveal promising job openings.

I would also use Twitter and Facebook as potential routes to build credibility with these firms. Finally, I would use traditional routes to get an initial interview, such as applying fro jobs online and attending career fairs.

As an experienced salesman, I would use my past performance as the main highlight of the value that I can bring to the table. Once I learn the ropes of a new industry, it will be possible to apply negotiation and sales tactics to build new business for these companies.

In summary, I hope to use these tactics to achieve gainful employment after I finish my college degree.Running head: STRATEGY AND POSITIONING PAPER 1 Strategy and Positioning Paper MKT/ August 11, Professor Jacqueline Barnett STRATEGY AND POSITIONING PAPER 2 Abstract This project involves a new and improved bed at the Hilton Hotels .

MKT - Personal Branding Paper Week 2 Essay on Favorite Brand All References Cited Perfect APA Formatting file % Money Back Guarantee Assignment Instructions Write a to word paper that does the following: Summarizes your background and what makes you unique in a 1-paragraph elevator pitch Ident.

Defining Marketing 3 American Marketing Association (AMA) – Definition of Marketing The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” (AMA, 97%(34).

Mkt Week 4 Individual was an interesting part to do to see where the attributes fall on the map and using this map is a great way to see how the market is responding and then give a visual aid to that market snapshot.

Personal Branding Statement MKT August 12, Posted by octotutor. Essays, Marketing, Premium. Leave a comment. Personal Branding Paper. Write a to word paper that does the following: Summarizes your background and what makes you unique in a 1-paragraph elevator pitch. Running head: ELEVATOR PITCH 1 Elevator Pitch Pedro Beltran MKT/ – Marketing Prof.

Natali Alvarez September 4, The Elevator Pitch 2 The Elevator Pitch Hi my name is Pedro, I assist buyers like you who would like to lease or purchase a new vehicle with the numerous financial plans that my.

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