Learning and competencies

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Learning and competencies

Problem solving is not only a quantitative challenge but a human one. We can engage students in deeply understanding what resolving problems entails and what it feels like, which is satisfying for children and adults alike.

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice specify that students solve real-world and mathematical problems by working effectively with peers; formulating, communicating and critiquing arguments; and persevering through difficulty.

As students internalize these mathematical practices, they engage interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, also known as social and emotional learning SEL competencies.

These resources were created by panels of experts in mathematics education and in social and emotional learning, along with teams of educators serving as co-developers.

Making the Case lays out the rationale for considering the strong connections among the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and key social and emotional learning competencies. Describing an Ideal Classroom provides a brief historical perspective on the culture of mathematics classrooms and describes the shift required by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice with regard to your classroom culture and collaboration with colleagues.

The instructional guides, which surface key social and emotional learning competencies needed for the mathematical task, are designed to support you as you monitor and encourage student engagement in competencies called for by the practices.

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The Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) specification defines how systems exchange and manage information about learning standards and/or competencies in a consistent and digitally-referenceable way.

Competency-based learning refers to systems of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.

Learning and competencies

In public schools, competency-based systems use state learning standards to . Introduction. Gathering evidence of academic accomplishment – the knowledge, skills and competencies students gain as a result of their college experience – is a continuous process. Deep Learning experiences are dramatically different from the traditional way that teaching and learning has been since the industrial age.

When breaking this very new ground and bringing deep learning concepts to life, there were simply no existing assessment instruments that could adequately measure or provide clarity on student progress or performance in the Deep Learning Competencies.

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