How to write a critical summary of a book

Locate reviews of the book in the professional literature and read them. Attach at least three of these reviews in appendix of your paper no, these professional reviews will not count toward your 10 to 12 page requirement. Introduce the subject, scope, and type of book Identify the book by author, title, and publishing information. Include some background to enable readers to place the book into context.

How to write a critical summary of a book

How to Write a Book Revie How to Write a Book Review Your opinion is important—don't be afraid to voice it in a book review Writing a book review is not the same as writing a book report or a summary. A book review is a critical analysis of a published work that assesses the work's strengths and weaknesses.

A prominent reviewer can have a major impact on a book's reception. Many authors strive to have their books reviewed by a professional because a published review even a negative one can be a great source of publicity.

One need look no further than Oprah Winfrey's famed Book Club to see the effect that this type of publicity can have on a book's sales. There are countless book review examplesbut first, let's discuss how to write a book review.

You aren't in high school anymore A book review is not a book report. Resist the temptation to summarize the character, plottheme, and setting, which was probably the formula you used in your high school English classes. Your readers are not interested in having the book re-told to them, and are certainly not interested in having the ending spoiled.

To become a legitimate book reviewer, you need to be able to tell your readers whether the book you are reviewing is interesting, thorough, original, and worth spending money on or at least borrowing from the library. Preparing to write a review Before writing a book review, you must, of course, read the book.

Reading the first page, last page, and dust jacket won't cut it—you must read the book in its entirety, making quick notes about your impressions as you read.

how to write a critical summary of a book

We also recommend that you ask yourself questions as you read. If the book is non-fiction, ask yourself, "Does the author have a clear argument that he or she is trying to prove?

Does he or she prove the argument successfully? Are the arguments sound? Is it well-researched and well-written? Does the author omit any information that would have been relevant?

Are the characters well-rounded and believable? Does the plot twist, turn, and thicken, or does it plod along? Does the book address universal themes?

Is the dialogue realistic? Is it irreverent or dry? Fast-paced or excruciatingly detailed? These are all things that potential readers will want to know.If you write a critical thinking essay on someone’s personal opinion (for example, the opinion of Freud or Nietzsche), arrange it in the first part of the article.

Make the assumption that, in your opinion, it conveys the thesis statement of the author. Writing book reviews can be a profitable pathway towards developing the skills of critical reading and expressing your ideas in a clear and succinct manner.

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On a more practical level, Basic Degree students sometimes write book reviews as part of their course requirements and Advanced Degree students write them as their first step into the world.

Book Summary Angela Dawson, M.D., appears to have it all: at the age of thirty-seven, she owns a fabulous New York City apartment, a stunning seaside house on Nantucket, and enjoys the perks of her prosperous lifestyle due to her company, Angels Healthcare.

How to Write a Review. October Revised September the skill of critical reading. When I assign a review, it is this skill that I hope to see displayed.

The trick is to provide the necessary summary in as short a space as possible. You will repeat the book author’s ideas, not your own, so this section should only be a small.

Critical Response Process. Read the essay, story, or book you want to respond to carefully at least once. Jot down your rhetorical analysis. Provide a summary statement.

A critical response always starts with a strong summary statement that lets your reader know the topic of . Aug 23,  · How to Write a Book Summary. Writing a summary of a book is a great way for you to absorb what you're reading.

It also gives you a quick reference you can use to remember the main points of the book anytime you need it. To write a good 81%().

How to Write a College-level Book Review