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Consider adding oysters or other non-sentient bivalves to your diet.

Electrolyte and discussion groups

Frank pioneered dietary nucleic acid therapy through nutrition using yeast extracts and fish, especially sardines. He wrote several books regarding his studies, including Dr. Among the beneficial effects Dr. Frank recorded were increased growth especially muscle growthgreater endurance; positive effects on the cardiovascular system; greater lung capacity and easier breathing i.

See discussion on vitamins below. In his books, Dr. Frank addresses how nucleic acids can dramatically increase cellular energy. The body requires the energy from ATP for many purposes, including for repairing, healing, metabolism, digestion, building a strong immune system, and other processes.

He considered nucleic acids and nucleotides an essential dietary category, i. In particular, he noted the health effects resulting from even relatively small intakes of nucleic acids e.

Frank found he could not obtain such improvements in his subjects by increasing only the intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, or other essential nutrients. If this were the case, according to Frank, Electrolyte and discussion groups one would not expect the often remarkable effects of dietary nucleic acid supplementation, both for aged or debilitated individuals, and for athletes or generally healthy persons.

Frank compellingly makes the case that nucleic acids are essential nutrients in chapter 14 "Nucleic Acids as Essential Nutrients" of Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy: This of course presupposes the body can and will make all that it needs.

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This latter point, has never been proven by nutritionists. It is merely an unsupported belief in an area of massive and criticial importance. Instead, the response is unequivocal in both sorts of cases, the abnormal and the clearly normal.

Nucleic acids clearly energize people The anti-anoxia effect, the increase in the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures, etc.

Electrolyte and discussion groups

Clearly, if nucleic acids were not needed, the established dogma of orthodox nutrition with its vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals would clearly better help people with most of their degenerative conditions. Frank is the importance of vitamins and minerals for achieving optimal results in subjects following protocols for nucleic acid nutrition and therapy.

Frank found that whereas vitamins by themselves might produce health effects in his subjects, and nucleic acids by themselves achieved very definite results, the greatest results involved both vitamins and nucleic acids.

Frank found that vitamins and nucleic acids acted synergistically and tended to create results far surpassing those obtained by using either vitamins or nucleic acids. Frank explained the biochemical relation of vitamins and nucleic acids, and specifically used the example of the B-complex vitamins.

In metabolizing Vitamin B3 niacin or niacinamidefor example, the body requires energy for conversions that properly break down the vitamin into its usable components. The initial reaction involves nicotinic acid with 5-phosphoribosyl 1-pyrophosphate to produce nicotinic mononucleotide NMN.

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He notes that phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate also is the basic compound for purine synthesis and is formed from ribosephosphate plus ATP. This indicates that the energy of level of a cell plays an essential role in the synthesis of NMN the precursor of NADand therefore that the greater the rate of ATP synthesis, the greater the rate of synthesis of NMN.

Frank states that higher Krebs cycle activity and oxygen-energy metabolism favors synthesis of NAD, given the availability of niacin or niacinamide. Moreover, a higher level of niacin or niacinamide likewise would favor its own conversion into the active NAD coenzyme.

Frank points to the evident relation of energy metabolism and NAD synthesis, wherein increased nucleic acid and nucleotide intake produces increased energy metabolism and ATP production, which in turn enables both more effective metabolism of niacin and further increases in cellular NAD.

He therefore finds a very evident relationship between dietary nucleic acids and NAD with respect to energy production and related metabolism Frank relates similar processes for other vitamins e.Group DISCUSSION Definition of Group Discussion v Group Discussion is a modern method of assessing students personality.

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I promise this page isn't scary or mean! Despite rumors to the contrary, I'm actually not on a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, steak-fueled mission to unveganize the world. My own diet is mostly plants, and I benefit in no way—financially or otherwise—if you decide to put an egg in your mouth instead of a lump of texturized vegetable protein.

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