Describe your identity essay

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Describe your identity essay

Understanding subcultures helps to understand consumer behaviour, as well as the behaviour and ideology of your potential fans.

For one of my assignments, we had a choice of questions to answer on a range of subcultural theory. I chose to discuss Subcultural Identity as, while it has always been important, there is a question to be answered as to whether subcultural theory is applicable in the present day as we no longer have such defined subcultural groups see: Mods, Rockers, Punks, Hippies, etcmore a meld of past subcultural identities.

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Discuss in relation to one or more subcultures. Whether it is someone wearing a denim jacket adorned with patches of their favourite punk bands or young adults in modified cars, playing drum and bass music; there are signifiers that give an idea of which subcultural group these people align themselves with, but are signifiers this clear in society today?

However, in modern day subcultures, it could be argued that there are now overlaps between subcultural signifiers, be it stylistically or behaviorally. Under past subcultural theory, this could question the authenticity of the punk within their subculture, but now within the post-subcultural realm, this act of mixing subcultures is becoming normal.

Stylistically, hipsters adopt the styles of other cultures that they do not belong to, going against the mainstream, often into niche areas. Hipsters are known to fetishise and appropriate multiple aspects of multiple subcultures.

Hipsters are apparent within multiple genres of music, regardless of whether it is heavy metal or indie, and constantly move between them. This is largely due to the negative connotations associated with being a hipster; the arrogance, the unwillingness to be associated with anything mainstream and their nihilistic attitude.

This is becoming more appropriate for modern youth cultures.

How to Describe Your Personality (with Pictures) - wikiHow Be careful of the identity you choose because when you get older it will effect you. Pick an identity that you can hold onto and keep forever.
What is Self Identity? Understand the Question "Who am I"? Culture can be seen as an integrated pattern of learned beliefs and behaviors that can be shared among groups and includes thoughts, styles of communicating, ways of interacting, views on roles and relationships, values, practices, and customs. Also important, but often overlooked, is the culture of the specific setting where a provider sees patients.
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The New ApplyTexas Prompts, Essay B | Pen and Prep The Environment Everyone has their own unique traits that make them who they are.

With regards to Hipsters, it can be argued that there is no true group identity, as the individuals do not regard themselves as hipsters, let alone a subcultural group. Maffesoli,cited in Evans, Subcultures no longer have clear uniforms of style.

If we are born into a particular sociological, economical and cultural class as Louis Althusser suggests, but do not accept it or seek subcultural groups to align ourselves with, there is such an abundance of expansive choice and regular change that it is not surprisingly that we will carry these multiple identities, as discussed by Shields and Maffesoli.

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The idea raises the importance of consumerism in the identities of modern youth. Identity could also be linked to performativity; the theory that identity is not natural or fixed but is rather something one acts and is fundamentally unstable. Subcultural capital makes up an identity.

Describe your identity essay

The result is a symbolic currency of subcultural capital that provides a status within both group and society. With hipsters, the premise of subcultural capital is an interesting point.

Whilst they may have followed a band whilst they were relatively unknown, they often disregard their fandom toward that band when they are appropriated into the mainstream. Subcultural capital can be gained by the things you own or the hairstyles you have.

The list of subcultural ephemera associated to hipsters is vast. Low V-neck tops, handlebar moustaches, vintage glasses despite having twenty-twenty vision, fashion that can include clashing colours or vintage wear Figure 1.

Perhaps this could be illustrated in the commodification of punk clothing in high street shops Figure 1. Where once the torn jeans and tatty tops with emblazoned slogans held some cultural significance as a form of resistance, now they have merely been appropriated for consumption within consumerism.

The difference in the post-subcultural present day is that due to multiple identities, there are now also multiple displays, multiple shows and multiple facades to contend with. Whilst punks may have been the first subcultural group to use bricolage, mixing the old with the new to create a new language or dress code, it has rapidly become typical in modern day post-subcultures where self-identity is desperately sought.

Rethinking the relationship between youth, style and musical taste. Folk devils and moral panics:Tips on writing a narrative essay.

4/22/16 Describe your personality essay we have exclusive access to libraries! Minority groups have equal access to the world your describe personality essay in english, but where instruction was given responsibility to make their decisions simultaneously.

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This is normal. In fact, this sense of competition with your brothers and sisters, called sibling rivalry. Today’s Question: What five words or phrases would you choose to describe your identity? ‹ Older Do dropping numbers of wolves in Minnesota change your view on the hunt?

Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it.

The Importance of Subcultural Identity (Essay)

If this sounds like you, then please share your story. Jul 18,  · Best Answer: Well, my identity is defined by my family position and my career, and the way I have successfully combined both. I'm a mom and teacher. To begin with the mom bit had priority, but now they are grown, my main identity is Resolved.

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