Describe hometown

Is that a big city or a small place? Please describe your hometown a little?

Describe hometown

I suppose the town I had lived during my high school year is consider to be my hometown because I had spend most of my life in that town however due to my hatred toward my ex friends I had never visit it after I went to Uni incase I had bump into them.

The town was small and simple with little brand name shop but it was still had independant shop for games and CDs which I can lived with.

The town had some retail district but there were mostly crappy low brand shops like Netto but it had a decent leisure centre where I go swimming, play sport or work out in the gym. The liberary is pretty good once they remodernize it.

Describe hometown

The current town I'm living in is something I will admit is also my hometown despite how far away and how much I had said it's boring over here I got used to the place and it grow on me. This town is by the beach therefore a resort type of town but it's mostly a town for reture old people to relax.

There are also retail shops for clothing, sports and computing.

IELTS vocabulary: describe your home town

The library here is smaller and they got a threater, bowling alley and a swimming centre. Likewise being by the beach there are arcade hardly any arcade games left and the pier. The only major disavantage living here is that it's too far away from cities like Chester and Manchester the city I lived during Uni so the train travel are quite long it wasn't as bad when I lived in the above town.ABOUT.

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