Creative writing seminar manila

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Creative writing seminar manila

Pasay City, Philippines Enforcing discipline is probably one of the most challenging tasks that business owners, managers and HR practitioners would come across in their enterprise.

Creative writing seminar manila

While this is an essential component of business progress and harmony, erroneous implementation and administration can make a dangerous turnaround for the company profitability and integrity.

Uninformed decisions involving discipline can cost businesses enormous resources, waste time and energy in protracted labor litigation that could tarnish even company reputation. Crafting litigation-proof and case-ready Code of Discipline is key to deter legal adventurism for workers who would want to take advantage of any loophole in the disciplinary system.

This one-day training will educate employers, owners and business and HR managers on the best practices to prepare, establish and implement disciplinary policies that promote not just industrial harmony but ward off any temptation to sue on the part of wayward and rogue employees.

Adopting structured framework of enforcement, implementation and policy-making is the best weapon to combat weak links in any code of discipline. Learning the best practices, principles and doctrines places the company steps ahead and prepared for any challenging situation.

Attendees from the government are exempted from the P2,Creative the end of the workshop, participants will present their own creative work as philippines as the writing exercises and tasks of training own devising.

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Dramatic Theatricality as a Teaching Technique Ms. Maramara Drama is text written with the intention of being performed live in front of an audience, but literature of all genres is. A Creative Writing workshop would of course be incomplete without a lot of writing!

This next part is a deep dive into the various types of Creative Composition: imaginative writing, narrative writing, descriptive writing, and synthesis writing. So, if you have any questions about advancing your writing career she’s the best person in Manila to help you with this!

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When in Manila, LIVE FOREVER! Tell your stories and better your writing at Modern Academy’s Creative Writing Classes with Aileen Santos! Their next creative writing classes is scheduled to start on September 17, Bibliography of Research on Social Network Sites.

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Social media in Europe: Lessons from an online survey. Trump University (also known as the Trump Wealth Institute and Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC) was an American for-profit education company that ran a real estate training program from until It was owned and operated by The Trump Organization.

(A separate organization, Trump Institute, was licensed by Trump University but not owned by the Trump Organization.). Manila Workshops Facebook Series includes Basic and Advanced classes for brands and even aspiring marketer like you. Listen to an interactive discussion with co-marketers and get insights on how to (more).

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