Commercial law study guide

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Commercial law study guide

Core modules Dissertation Written work on a legal topic of the your choice resulting from individual research and normally based upon material falling within the area covered by the degree for which you are registered.

Qualifying module options Advanced Copyright and Design Law The module will deal with special issues in copyright and designs and their international exploitation at an advanced level. The British, European and international law relating to these rights will be studied in detail.

Commercial law study guide

Comparison will also be made with national Member States laws. Special topical issues in copyright and designs law will be studied including the protection of computer programs, databases and technological protection measures. National and Community unregistered and registered design rights.

Finally you will be given an insight as to the future of copyright and designs at EU and international level. Commercial Conflict of Laws This module will involve a critical analysis of the conflict of laws rules dealing with issues arising in a commercial context. The module begins with jurisdiction and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

The module then deals with choice of law issues in contract and tort. Because of the growing role of the European Union in this area, the interaction between European and traditional English approaches to commercial conflict of laws issues will be a pervasive theme of the module.

EU Competition Law The module examines the legal regulation of competition within the single and free market of the EU and serves as an introduction to basic legal and economic principles as well as to detailed study of the rules of Union law which seek to outlaw competitive behaviour.

International and Comparative Copyright Law The module will deal with the basic principles of copyright law at an advanced level. British copyright law will be studied with reference to the international and European obligations of the United Kingdom in this respect. This covers an introduction to copyright law, subject-matter of protection, authorship, ownership and dealings, economic and moral rights, term of protection, infringement and defences.

International and Comparative Patent Law The module will deal with the basic principles of patent law and it will do so from an international and comparative perspective. Special attention will be paid to European and US patent law before attention will turn to biotechnological inventions and a case study on stem cell patents.

International and Comparative Trade Mark Law The module will deal with the basic principles of trade mark law and it will do so from an international and comparative perspective. Special attention will be paid to European and US trade mark law before attention will turn to passing-off and comparative advertising issues.

Introduction to company law, insolvency and global business operations Effective business forms for global operations: The module begins with the legal framework of international commercial arbitration.

It then deals with jurisdiction of arbitration tribunals and certain procedural issues arising in arbitration practice. The module ends with the setting aside and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

International Consumer Protection The module examines the role of the law in regulating business and protecting the consumer. It begins by looking at economic and social theories of regulation, identifying what we seek to achieve through regulating, and why regulation is necessary in a competitive market.

Next, it examines how we regulate by identifying and critiquing the techniques of regulation. The module then examines how businesses can be held to account through sanctioning, both under the criminal law and in other ways.

Next, the module looks at the protection of consumers' economic interests in particular through unfair commercial practices law and consumers' physical integrity in particular through product safety law.

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The module ends by examining the theory and practice of enforcement. International Financial and Monetary Law This module focuses on the public law regulation of international financial and monetary relations, and not on the contractual or transactional aspects of international financial markets.

It aims to provide a timely and insightful overview of current regulatory developments in the field of capital and current international transactions as well as financial and monetary stability and supervision. The module also considers the role of major institutions in the regulation of international lending and finance for development.

Special topics, such as the sovereign debt crisis and regulatory efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing or the future of the international financial and monetary system may be covered during the course of this module. International Investment Law This module deals with key aspects of the international system for the regulation of foreign investment.

The module focuses primarily on issues arising from investor-host state relations under Bilateral Investment Treaties or BITs and some other International Investment Agreements or IIAs but also touches upon international investment contracts, where relevant.

Special attention will be given to the means of regulating investment using such instruments, including standards of treatment and breaches thereof, the taking of foreign property and the settlement of investment disputes by means of arbitration.

International Law of the Sea The module will consider: Law of International Trade Finance The module addresses the private law relating to the financial aspects of international trade, especially payment mechanisms and guarantees.Aug 08,  · New England Patriots Commercial Parody (For Deflated-Balls) super bowl advert Super Bowl Pregame Conference Teaser Super Bowl Commercial New Advert Super Bowl Commercial , Superbowl ad, Superbowl Advert, Big Game.

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. Please refer to the Nevada Driver’s Handbook or your local DMV office for more information. Acceptable Documents for a CLP/CDL. In order to obtain a commercial learner permit (CLP) A Nevada commercial learner permit (CLP) is valid for a day period for the purpose of behindthe Commercial Law Books This section contains free e-books and guides on Commercial Law, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

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