Chapter1 inventory system of g erb construction

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Chapter1 inventory system of g erb construction

European Plastics News takes a look at what to expect. The largest composites exhibition in the world this year, JEC Europe will be held March in the Porte de Versailles conference center. The organizers expect more than 32, visitors, 80 percent of whom are expected to be travelling from abroad.

And its 1, participating companies came from again ranked in numerical order Germany, the U. German industrial giant BASF SE will be exhibiting materials for automotive lightweighting, including new epoxy and polyurethane systems for producing composite parts in resin transfer molding RTM processes.

The new material is a high performance foam supplied in panels that can be used inside rotor blades to provide additional stability. It will be demonstrated in a cross-section wind turbine rotor blade made entirely from BASF products, including Baxxodur epoxy resin and semi-structural Elastan polyurethane adhesive.

The company will also promote its 97 percent renewable UV cure system which it claims cures within minutes in natural daylight. Dow's show highlights include filament winding, CNG and LPG pressure vessels made with Voraforce TW epoxy systems; long fiber injection, a new mm diameter, D manhole cover made with Voraforce KN; pultrusion, seawall and ladder profiles made with Voraforce TP polyurethane; resin transfer molding, automotive rear seat bases made with Voraforce epoxy; rotational molding, Rotakote P, a new elastomer designed for wet environments and higher temperature applications and vacuum infusion, curved panels for construction made with Voraforce TF epoxy.

Switzerland-based Gurit will launch a new fire-retardant epoxy wet laminating system in Pavilion 1 of the Porte de Versailles. It will also be showcasing its next generation automotive materials for high volume body panel production.

German materials producer Evonik will exhibit its whole range of products for composites including viscosity and thixotropic agents, tougheners, thermoplastic and thermoset resins, resin modifiers and coatings.

Chapter1 inventory system of g erb construction

The company will highlight its Rohacell structural foam core; which will be demonstrated in a large wind turbine blade on the stand.

And the company will launch a new Rohacell grade, Rohacell Hero, a damage-tolerant sandwich core material for the aircraft industry.

International Fire Code 2015 (IFC 2015)

The European division of Instron, the US-based manufacturer of test equipment, will be demonstrating its testing systems, grips and extensometers.

It will showcase its new precision manual wedge grips for measurements in accordance with NADCAP-requirementsthe new AutoX extensometer, the ElectroPuls E testing system for dynamic and fatigue testing of composites and a Ceast drop tower equipped for compression-after-impact CAI tests.

It will also show its Model floor-standing universal test system for performing measurements on composites including carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic materials and aeronautical or automotive structures.

In partnership with Arkema, the French-based acrylic resin supplier, 3B has developed a sizing technology specially designed to reinforce acrylic TP systems for structural applications. Over in the Spanish Pavilion, Valencia-based composite rigging manufacturer, Future Fibers will be showing its range of composite products used for rigging, spars and booms in Formula 1 racing, super yachts and performance yachts.

Although the company's primary focus is the maritime sector, it is hoping to use JEC Europe to show how its expertise can expand into other sectors. CEO Hugues Jacquemin says development and manufacturing of cables for use in a high-tech composite footbridge highlights the company's intentions to expand.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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Chapter1 inventory system of g erb construction

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