Ceremonial speech essay

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Ceremonial speech essay

As the United States president, Barack Obama has made history in various aspects. Obama has not only made history by becoming the first African American US president, but has also demonstrated influential personal charisma and capabilities to raise human spirits and unite people.

Barack Obama has empowered many citizens through his actions and ability to deliver what his words claim Amelie, He has strengths and Ceremonial speech essay to use his words to make people ponder and reach within their internal potential to create and deliver change.

Obama has made an indelible mark not only in America, but all over the world as well. Barrack Obama has maternal lineage with various famous individuals. Obama became the first black president of the USA.

Despite the fears of ridicule, defeat and opposition, he managed to beat all odds and harnessed motivation to succeed where many had tried but failed Amelie, He took pains and achieved his set goals, thus presenting himself as an honest, just and responsible leader.

Obama overcame all stereotypical ideas that have haunted non-white people for many decades.

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His rise to power and a top position in America gave hope to many people, as well as other people of African origin in various parts of the world Zaki, President Obama achieved what many famous people, like Martin Luther King, failed to achieve.

I give due credit to this strong-willed man for his spirit in fighting for national democracy, and for the representation of all races regardless of their color.

Obama should be honored for paying attention to materialism and poverty related issues facing African Americans; he has also addressed multitudes of college students on the need of being innovative to create ways of countering poverty Zaki, Obama has ensured his government has worked towards building a more democratic free America, with matters of national interest being his first and major priorities.

He has mended the education, health and national security sectors. These actions prove that he is deeply concerned in regard to fellow Americans, their troubles and well-being.

President Obama has paved way to make education cost manageable for students with different backgrounds. He has made several credible attempts to stabilize job and housing markets for the American citizens, despite the looming economic crisis worldwide Cynthia, Obama had further proved his ability to lead humbly when he withdrew the American troops from Iraq.

This saw the end of a war that had claimed the lives of many American soldiers. Amidst the financial crisis, president Barrack Obama has managed to recapitalize the American banks. This saw banks raise to their potentialities with the government incurring no costs Amelie, In conclusion, President Barack Obama is a caring and responsible leader of the American nation, as well as great family man.

His leadership skills, qualities and capabilities to move the hearts of people will always be remembered even after his tenure is over.

Ceremonial speech essay

The success he has brought to the United States of America, such as changing the public image of America, will forever be appreciated and noted. Summary Barack Obama has empowered many through his actions and ability to deliver what his words claim.

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He possesses values and merits that enable him to make people ponder and employ their internal potential to change themselves and their society. Obama continues to make history even now; he is a prominent and recognized leader all over the world.

With these remarks, I would like to end this speech presentation by saluting his Excellency President Barack Obama, may he live long and prosper. Type of your assignment.The Ceremonial Speech Genre and Mother Teresa The review of literature shows different taxonomies for Ceremonial Speaking Occasions such as speeches of greeting, tribute, anniversary celebrations, speeches making awards (e.g.

Presentation speeches and Thousands of essays, articles, and biographies have been. Special occasion speeches can be commemorative, ceremonial or epideictic, and should be found for the purpose of the event.

Process of writing a persuasive speech? Persuasive speech writing requires careful planning and fact-based presentation to convince your audience. View Essay - Ceremonial Speech (wedding toast) from COMM at Southeastern Louisiana University.

May both oF your lives be long and content, we . View Essay - Ceremonial Speech Outline from COMM at Clemson University. World Series. o Subpoint – unprecedented procedure o Subpoint – first Red Sox World Series win in 86 years. Transition.

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He was a husband, father, and great friend to many people. He was able to make people laugh no matter what the circumstance. He brought an energy to the stage that can’t be replaced.

Ceremonial essay