An analysis of the chinese attitudes and customs about death

According to data, there are about 70 million historical relics collectors in mainland China. Why does China have so many historical relics hidden underground? It is due to the death culture of inhumation in China. Death must bring grief to us, but we have to face it, because it is the law of nature.

An analysis of the chinese attitudes and customs about death

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The thought of dying sooner or later is something that most of us do not look forward to or do not want to think about. As a person ages he or she will notice that their friends and families are beginning to pass away.

Most Americans are not prepared for death and this can lead to depression with aging. The following quote sums this up nicely and can be useful in better understanding death: Death is universal and there are many cultural differences in the definition and responses to death, dying, grief, and loss.

I am grateful to be raised in a family with strong traditional Chinese culture and values.

An analysis of the chinese attitudes and customs about death

Regarding the topic on death, this has recently been a most interesting and curious experience for me personally.

Although I am no expert on death issues and funeral rituals, I know that most of the customs and beliefs are unique to the Chinese culture.

The funerals may have been a sad time in my life but they were also very educational. I found myself asking a lot of questions, trying to digest strange information and better understand my own culture while paying respect to my family.

An analysis of the chinese attitudes and customs about death

The teachings of Buddhism came up frequently in helping me understand the Chinese death rituals. Old age and death are just natural stages in life. Everything has a beginning and must come to an end. My grandparents are encouraged to develop in themselves the will to do something and learn new things, and the same goes for me.

There are so many foreign and crazy customs and rituals. Talking about death is avoided and is probably the number one taboo. Chinese elders and even the ones on their death beds are afraid that you might jinx their fate.

Can you believe that most of the Chinese death rituals followed today dates back to the early dynasties?

Inhumation, the Main Funeral Style in China

Paying respect to elders and the dead is high on the list. My grandparents reminded my Mom that back home in Chinaif a person dies still single, no respect is paid to them. In the Chinese culture, they are not considered an elder. It is also considered good and proper for their children to go into debt making funeral arrangements as paying respect to their elders http: I was relieved to hear that my grandparents will not wish this upon my Mom.

If you have any statues of deities in the house, they must be covered with red paper and all mirrors must be removed so that no one sees the coffin in the mirror.Arguably, Chinese culture may be specified as the culture of the family. Hierarchical and tightly knit family structures in the Confucian tradition have for centuries provided the Chinese with a stable environment for the fulfilment of a whole spectrum of human existence needs (Yee ).

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Comparison Between Chinese Traditional Marriage Customs and American Marriage Customs Lei Guo1, Through comparative analysis between Chinese traditional marriage customs and while white is always related to death in Chinese culture. Different color of wedding dress also.

But attitudes of the Chinese elderly towards death have received almost no attention. This exploratory study documents the attitudes of some Chinese elderly .

East Asian Attitudes toward Death— A Search for the Ways to Help East Asian Elderly Dying in Contemporary America. East Asian Attitudes toward Death. Chinese philosophy is likened to a concerto with three movements.

13 The first movement is the ancient wisdom systemized by Confucius Chinese culture recognizes Heaven, .

Death has been dissected, cut to bits by a series of little steps, which finally makes it impossible to know which step was the real death, the one in which consciousness was lost, or .

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