Amistadthe movie essay

This shows how rare it was for women in the past to have a lead role in movies. This proves that women were under-represented and hardly had a value in society. Males have dominated the action genre for many years, playing the protagonists in most films.

Amistadthe movie essay

I mean of course I have been told of the Martin Luther Kings, the Malcolm Xs, and the Rosa Parks and the many struggles and life threatening obstacles they went through for all blacks to become free from opression. Before watching the movie Amistad, I never really knew of the boat rides, the chaining of women and men together and putting boulders at the end of the ropes and throwing the boulders over the edge of the boat drowning many.

I never really asked or took it upon myself to learn what went on with my own people.

Amistadthe movie essay

After reviewing certain scenes from the movie Amistad, directed by Steven Spilberg, it made me angry, wondering why they waited so long to make a movie about the real story of how they miss treated slaves during the Middle Passage.

After I thought about it I know what took so long, they the white people never really wanted us to know. Amistad was a story about a slave named Cinque, and his fight for freedom in a white world.

It showed the abuse that slave took from whitemen for no reason. Many of them were taken from their homes and forced onto a ship below the deck were they received little food and were chained together. See this action really upsets me. They never bothered any Spaniards, but they felt could make money off of them.

Sadly I watched beautiful African American women were being drowned because they served no purpose to the sailors. The only reason they kept the women is for breeding. They also drowned the weak and the sick.

They felt that they would serve any purpose to the buyers if they were weak. They only bred the strong to produce strong. Some of the slaves were taken their own lives. A woman, holding her new born child, jump off the side of the boat.

She rather die than spend her life in slavery or being killed by the whiteman. Not many of the slaves that were aboard the Amistad were not accounted for. Many of the slaves were killed and thrown overboard.

Amistadthe movie essay

Cinque was one of the few that survived and told his story to others. Cinque did not know if he could trust his lawyer because he was white and he did not understand a word that they were saying. He sat in court playing attention really hard to see if he could understand. Sitting in jail one night, another slave had an copy of a bible.

They were flipping through the pages looking at the pictures. While they were looking the other slave was explaining to Cinque about the pictures.

The pictures revealed the story of Jesus. When they won the case the slaves were happy and the slave held the bible up. At the end when it was all over, Cinque and his fellow African American were allowed to go home.

The Supreme Court let them go back to their home land. When arriving at home they were faced with the bad news that their friends and many of their family members had been killed. I do not know how I would deal with coming home from a long fight for freedom and finding out that all my friends and relatives were dead.

I would feel real cheated out of my life if I was taken from my country and my children and wife had been killed.

Here at Howard University he had the honor to say we had a part in helping Amistad get to the big screen. Debbie Allen was the lady that set out to find a director and produce the movie. I am glad she set out on the mission to get this movie on the big screen.

She was also given the honor to co-produce and to co-direct the movie beside Steven Spilberg. She did a great job in my eyes of telling the story of the Middle Passage.

They were only as good as its cast.This is indeed a signature among all Spielberg historical and even fictional works such as Schindler’s List, The Color Purple and A.I (Steven Spielberg) The movie, Amistad the movie, can also boast as that it is one of the most singular movies that are recommended by many educational, socio-political and historical groups and organizations.

The Amistad movie is about a group of West Africans captured as slaves to America. Led by Sengbe Pieh, who was renamed as Joseph Cinque by the Spaniards who bought his later decided to revolt against his captors. The movie started at the scene where cinque was trying to free himself from his chains.

Him [ ]. Amistad Movie Review Essay, Research Paper The movie Amistad is a 4 star film because I believe it is historically accurate, very effective in showing the way slaves were treated, and the way slavery and the American judicial system worked during the Antebellum period. The movie was also a good watch, and was entertaining and educational at the same time.

- Amistad is a movie that portrays the mutiny aboard an illegal slave ship called La Amistad. It focuses on the Supreme Court case where the American justice system is giving the job of deciding what is supposed to happen to the Africans aboard La Amistad, the ship’s captains, the ships and all of the other property aboard .

Free Essay: Amistad Movie Summary The film begins in the depths of the schooner La Amistad, a slave-ship carrying captured West Africans into slavery. The. A review of the film 'Amistad', from ' Commemorated', a site looking at the commemoration of the bicentenary of the abolition of slavery, , from the Institute of Historical Research and the Institute for the Public .

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