Access to education and equqlity of

Women, girls and Malala: Of course, women throughout the world face a range of challenges, and none more so than in the developing world. Levels of educationhealth care and political representation can be dauntingly low, and discrimination and sexual violence are all too frequent.

Access to education and equqlity of

Refugees who leave the country are crossing into border regions such as Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq in what has been one of the largest exoduses in recent history. And now, deteriorating conditions in Syria and neighbouring countries are driving thousands of Syrians to risk everything on perilous journeys to Europe, the UN refugee agency cautioned last week.

This ongoing crisis has left almost 3 million Syrian children out of school and puts their future at risk. Today, there are 4. Exposed to exploitation, trauma and abuse in conflict settings, children are also the most vulnerable to be affected by the dramatic consequences of the crisis, particularly the impact on health and education.

Indeed, ensuring access to learning is an essential platform for protection, social stabilization and economic recovery.

And yet, given the poverty that Syrians face, having lost their livelihoods, and the lack of income-generating opportunities, families are forced to push education down their list of priorities.

With parents legally compelled to send both sons and daughters to school and no tuition fees charged, education levels had been consistently good ever since.

If daughters did not attend school, their parents risked facing punishment.

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Schools have been destroyed, damaged, used for military purposes or turned into shelters for displaced people.

Where the buildings still stand, education staff has been lost with 50, teachers having fled or been killed. Often, refugee boys are pushed by financial pressure to return to Syria to join armed groups in exchange of sustenance, shelter and a salary. Girls who get married are more likely to stop going to school.

Consequently, enrolment rates have decreased substantially, yet on a similar rate for both boys and girls. In a conflict that has been distinguished by a brutal targeting of women, this is particularly concerning.

Indeed, the Islamic State ISIL has only escalated the brutal treatment and sexual enslavement of women and girls in the zone. Although cases of sexual violence of boys in detention have also been reported, security concerns make parents more reluctant to allow their daughters to travel long distances to attend school.

Especially for girls, who face increased risks in the context of conflict, is education linked to empowerment. Only if recognized on time will the catalyst and transformative effects of education prevent the costs of conflict perpetuating for decades to come.and equitable access to basic and continuing education for all adults.

rutadeltambor.comating gender disparities in primary and secondary education by and achieving gender equalityin education by , with a focus on ensuring girls’ full and equal access to (and achievement in) basic education of good quality.

Overcoming Barriers to Equal Education—Access to Education Series Addressing the barriers affecting the disabled may help enhance access to education for all students. Barriers erected by social attitudes toward the disabled can be addressed by community outreach programs that raise awareness and dispel myths about disabilities.

Loss of Access to Education Puts Well-being of Syrian Girls at Risk. HUMAN RIGHTS: Conflict, Education, Equality, the benchmark in the field of education maintaining access to education is of vital importance for children’s protection and development,” explains the new Save the Children report.

“When schools are safe from attack. The U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause Guarantees All Students Equal Access to Public K Education Regardless of a Student’s Immigration Status All students have the right to enroll and attend public schools, free of discrimination, including discrimination based on their or their parents’ real or perceived immigration status.

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Moving education in Sri Lanka from equal access to full gender equality Updated Wednesday 5th April Sri Lanka has been lauded for equal access to education for girls and boys, but textbooks and traditions continue to play a role in perpetuating inequitable gender norms and rutadeltambor.comca Kovinthan explains more.

Forum Guide to Ensuring Equal Access to Education Websites H. v. The National Cooperative Education Statistics System.

Access to education and equqlity of

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